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wind-calm to 5mph
water temp 94

Fished Bastrop for a short period this morning from 9:45 till Noon. I was in the Bastrop area for work and took my co-worker out there to find the schools. Launched at N. Shore. Fish were schooling very well. we didn't have to go far to locate some. We found one area on the south side of the lake where there was a very large school working. we caught unders and slot fish. They were finicky but hit, flukes, spoons, and torpedo. They quit schooling at 11am. We shared the area with 6-7 other boats. I have the procraft with the 150 merc if any abf people were out there with us today. After that, we worked a point and picked up a couple of small ones then called it a day. Fun couple of hours.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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