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I put in at safe light and trolled to the favorite shoreline. A fly fisherman in a small motorboat was already in the back of the cove. I eased over to my spot, not wanting to rush the cove. I anchored on the drop-off outside edge and caught a couple on wacky senko.

At sunrise I moved to the inside edge of the hydrilla and I caught six on dead stick fluke.

At 9am I put on SPF and trolled to the main lake. I guess dropping water level and SWT=96.5°F has wilted the hydrilla. I got a strike but lost the fish halfway to the boat.

The main lake was full of fishing and pleasure boats and everyone was boating responsibly. The bass boat off my bow was hammering schoolies with umbrella rigs and the boat off my stern featured a trio of young men smacking them with swimmers. I could not catch a fish. Off at 1pm.
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