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Continuing from my LA post of yesterday (7/3-4)...

Buddy and I were wide awake so hitched up at 430a and hit Bastrop. Launched out of South Shore for fear of coming back to a buzzard ravaged truck! Man that grass is thick! Bite was sporadic throughout the day. Caught a few in discharge, few in grass, few in wood. No pattern. Baits...plastics, SB, and rattling lipless baits. Schoolies werent around. The occasional blow ups but that was it. Saw several bass hanging in shallow water in discharge, nothing big. Last fish I caught was 'SLAP YO MOMMA' ugly. Big mouth, very skinny, blind in one eye, razor sharp teeth. His eyes were closer together than any other's I have seen. Think he was part DEE DE DEE! Water temp 90, water murky. Off the water 10hrs later.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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