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Admins - feel free to move to misc if this is too much rant and not enough fishing report - just gotta get it off my chest.

I don't even like fishing in the summer anymore (I'M TOO OLD AND IT'S TOO HOT) but was there Friday 7/16 to take a friend's 5 year old fishing on a boat for the first time...and even though the trip had been planned for weeks, they no-showed me (because of having to drive to Temple for a part to repair a piece of farm equipment I learned later) without so much as picking up the cell phone and returning any of my messages with a freaking courtesy call to say they couldn't make it.  Unbelievable.  I'd have been outta there by noon if they'd just called.  Instead I sat out there getting BAKED all day waiting to hear from them...but nada.  Redefines rude and inconsiderate in my book.  Really too bad for the kid, and his dad needs to learn some common courtesy.  I doubt there's a single person on this forum that wouldn't call the boat owner the second they realized they couldn't make their backseat trip - especially when the owner was willing to do it for his kid despite the heat since we've been friends for 28 years.  So, he drives all the way to Temple and back for a part and doesn't take one minute out of a 3 hour trip to call and say they can't make it.  Wow. I was almost least until I got him on the phone later that night :mad:.  

Anyway, finding the schoolies was easy, getting them to bite, well, not so much, at least for me.  Water temps were blazing - +-95 intake side, almost 99 discharge side.  Tried all the baits and techniques posted recently with no luck.  Was on the water around 10 and the schools were pretty large and busting close and staying up long enough to get several casts in at a time.  By mid afternoon, the schools I saw were smaller and scattered, and only up for seconds and usually even out of range of my launcher rig, so I hunkered down out of the sun under the bimini waiting for the phone to ring.

Big thanks to Bobby and Carl in the Triton from San Marcos for their advice and the tip that the schoolies wanted super tiny baits that day, and thanks for leaving me a few of your plastic finesse minnows that were working so I'd have the go to baits for the kid - that was stellar of you guys.  I decided not use them thinking I'd let the kid fish with them when he got there since I only had a few.  Thanks again guys - enjoyed meeting you and hope I can return the favor someday.
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