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Got to the ramp at 5:30am to find 20+ boats in line in front of me to launch :eek: Never seen that before on this lake. Finally got on the water  6:15 and headed over to the cove off the damn to realize the lake was 1.5-2ft low. Which left all the grass on the surface around the majority of the reeds. caught 5 on poppers at the edge of the grass early. Hads lots of blow ups that the fish completely missed the popper? Caught some schoolies on the main lake but the majority of them were dinks. Picked up a few here and there throughout the lake, it was funny to see 30+ boats out in the middle of the lake chasing schoolies within casting distance of each other. I like Bastrop but I think I'll be going to Fayette for a while to catch those 3-5lb schoolies.  ;D
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