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Last night I dropped the yak in at Pflugie and caught a couple cutie-pies. Between GT scuffs and Pflugerville roughs, my rods were slightly deranged. I had to tune them up last night because Todd invited me to go with him fishing early Sunday.

Speaking of deranged, I’m kinda glad my weekend plans did not include Lady Bird. Even though I caught an eight pounder there last weekend, the ramp I use is a little too close to the new normal. Some of my friends are down there in uniform, and I pray for their safety.

Uncertain times? We went to a certain lake where we are certain to catch bass. Lake Bastrop. Beautiful sunrise captured my imagination as we ran from the South Shore Park. We anchored on the main lake point and Todd quickly caught six, half on lipless half on senko. I had to bounce back quick. As we worked down the choice shoreline, I put together a string of catches on senko, TR BBH, and the Kraken spinnerbait to close the gap. Not to be outdone, Todd brought out his pullbait. He caught one on Jackhammer while I reeled in a senko fish. This was the first double-up of many.

We reversed course and worked back out of the cove. There is a lot of shoreline I’ve never fished at this lake. But when Todd pulled up the troller, we both knew where we were going. The main lake hump.

It’s not really a hump, its the main lake hydrilla patch. We stayed on this grass in one place Spot-locked for over three hours. We broke out spinning gear and drop-shot worms. It was on like Donkey Kong. No huge fish, just a steady bite of two pounders. Drop-shotting is different. But catching bass is fun. We don’t really count ‘em, but it was around fifty today between the two of us. Incredible.

Baits were Roboworm (4.5” & 6”) and Missle Bomb-shot. I think that covers it, off at 1pm.

9521A699-E8D6-4679-9B46-4F55863EB747.jpeg 40AC25F1-0FDD-4846-AD4A-87AD227A2364.jpeg 29FB4066-063D-4BB5-B194-27422C324BEB.jpeg
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