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Numbers weren't that good. As calm as I had ever seen on Bastrop! Zero wind for the longest until a small breeze picked up for a little bit. Did manage two overs (barely) that were in the 4.5 lb range. One in the discharge the other in the main lake in front of the No Wake Buoys near the N Shore swimming area using a crank. Total numbers 7 in discharge (flukes) and 5 in front of the swimming area (crank). All but one were solid slots. Had one of the worst days losing fish of 7. 3 on fluke (current putting the bow in the line) and 4 on the crank. Most of them lost trying to flip in the boat. FRUSTRATING!!
Oh, on the water a little after 9AM and off around 3PM
Good day on the water though fo sho!

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Good report man, we had 2 unders in the boat yesterday and 8 slot fish. The frustrating portion of the trip (other than the rain) was, had 2 that were 14.5 inches and one of them hadn't spawned out yet.

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Thanks for the report.  

Losing fish is frustrating.   I feel your pain.  

I’ve had my moments and what I have found in the past when I’m losing every fish is that I need to
check my equipment and my technique.  

Self evaluation goes along way towards improving which equals more and bigger fish landed.

I have a check off list when I have these moments.  I start at the hook and make my way back to the brain.

Inspect hooks to insure they are sharp and not blunt, bent or broken.  I always have a hook sharpener in my boat.
Inspect line and knot.  I often re-tie knots and replace line.  I’m constantly feeling my line for damage.

Am I using a rod that is too stiff in the tip for a crankbait?  
Am I choosing the right rod and reel set up for the technique I’m applying?
I check the drag setting on my reel.
Sometimes it’s my technique, maybe I’m horsing the fish in.  
Maybe I’m letting them jump and not controlling the fight or I’m putting excessive pressure on the fish and the hook pulls out.  

Once I’ve self evaluated I make my adjustments.  

I didn’t mean to go on a rant.  I’ve had the same issue you had this weekend and I know I’ll have a day where I lose every fish I hook again.  That's why it's called fishing.
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