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Bastrop 5/14/23

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Happy day to all you mothers out there!

Todd and I made sure the mommas were happy earlier in the weekend so we could sneak out to the lake. We launched from South Park around 6:30AM. One of the campers was beaching his pontoon as we transit the channel. After that, it sure seemed like we had the lake to ourselves. There may have been one or two boats that braved the rain with us. By the time we left there were four boats and a couple of kayaks.

We started at the dam and got bit right away. I was getting bit on Rat-L-Trap, Caffeine Shad and Zoom Trick Worm. Todd was getting bit on trick worm, swim bait and senko. Todd caught a perch on Sexy Dawg, I don’t recall either of us ever catching a sunfish on top before. We both put on raingear as a steady rain came down.

We fished a couple other spots just to see what was working. At “The Notch” we were catching from the outside edge of the eelgrass when we saw schooling over the hydrilla. Todd bombed his swimbait and I bombed the lipless and we both reeled in schoolies. I was doing a lot of heavy breathing as I suffered with a sore back. I asked Todd to take it easy on me since I was in a lot of pain. I think he was letting me get the better of the fish count because of my infirmity. Right up until I inadvertently whip cast a senko right into the side of his face. Then Todd went on a run of drop shot fish absolutely destroying me in the fish count. Through the day we doubled up at least four times and wound up with over fifty fish between the two of us. Off at 1:30PM.
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gotta love them skinny post pawn bastrop bass!
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