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Bastrop 4-27-10

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I had some business in Elgin today and decided to take a co-worker out to Bastrop for the afternoon.  Hit the water around 4.  water temps ranged from 78-84 degrees.  Caught fish on shallow cranks and lipless cranks on grass edges and points.  Co worker did hook into a nice slot fish that spit the bait.  went to the discharge and caught one on carolina rig.  Picked up a couple of more after that near south shore bouys then the bite seemed to die off a little.  around dark saw activity in the grass and had a little more luck further up on grass edges using flukes and horny toad.  Most of the fish were pretty small-caught maybe 10 or so.  Not an amazing day but we did catch a few.

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Nice couple of days for you B&B.Fayette then Bastrop. Gotta enjoy that :cool:

Nice fish and thanks for the report. Oh, how I'd like to get a job, where I could make a mid week trip like that.

Unfortunatly where I work, if I put in for a day off in the middle of the week, I'm still subject to get a phone call. But I'm glad to have a job.
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