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Neither day much on numbers. 12 or 13 on Monday and 14 or 15 today, but nice quality for a change from the dinks at Stillhouse I was catching. Monday, discharge with fluke and worm, one on CR in the mouth of the discharge, then north of the buoys on the N Shore in about 12 fow near a drop off down to 18 with a mid depth crank. Biggest of day in the boat 4.5lb half inch shy of being an over.
Today, lost first two right at boat in discharge with one appearing to be an over the other a good slotter, next fish was an over at 5.25 21.5 then continued same routine as Monday. Both days mainly just sight fishing the discharge and going deeper around mid day to early afternoon.
Taking the wife Friday and hope to repeat and let her fight some of those fishies.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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