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bastrop 4-21

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kid came into town so decided to fish yesterday instead of work. after seeing where all the rain fell thursday night it was decided that bastrop would be our best bet. hit n shore parking lot at 7 and found three boats already in the water and two more right behind us. backed down the left side of the ramp and was backing the boat off the trailer when the next guy comes barrel assing down the MIDDLE OF THE RAMP straddling the hump that divides the two sides! his buddy in the boat fires it up and nearly backs into the front of my boat. the kids was really impressed that i didn't board the guys boat and beat the crap out of him or at least have a few words. guess i figured they know theyre idiots and if not they'll find out quick enough.

anyway, we rounded the point, but quickly realized not one but two boats were already where we planned to begin so off to the secondary starting point, south shore point. tossing a baby bass paddle tail weightless produced a couple of fish, but i didnt really consider it a pattern. the kid had a crawfish crank and got squat as we moved down the bank searching for action. i kept an eye across the lake for the spot i really wanted to fish, but as soon as one boat would leave another took its place. not much going on where we were so i decided to move to north cove. i got bit right away early and often, but the kid continued to throw a combination of crank and shad underspin without success. i moved us deeper into the cove to try those yum crawbugs i mentioned in another post. result - they still kick ass! i caught fish after fish and finally the kid decided to put one on and began catching as well. the guys on the other side of the cove were getting antsy, watching us while they were "hauling water" as jeremy outs it. as we moved out of the cove over some deeper grass the sun began to shone so i switched back to the baby bass, but i put a weedless pointed "ned rig" (question about this upcoming) and caught four fish on seven casts in the space of about 10'.
they moved deep into the cove and we swapped spots with them and began catching even more fish as they fished the area we just left. the look of pure frustration on their faces was both painful (because i've been there) and prideful. it was getting late in the day and my arms were tired, but i REALLY wanted to fish the area that we couldn't fish in the morning so we motored around the bend and the spot was open. i alternated between the crawbug and the paddle tail and the kid tossed the paddle tlai and a t-rigged senko and kept catching them. another boat trolled from the other side of the point and posted up right over a great fishing spot. i told the kid "if they would just move about 2 yards off shore they'd be killing them!" they watched us pull in fish after fish with the same look as the other anglers. we moved up and down the point seemingly catching every 3 or four casts. amazingly we never got a double which was disappointing. at one point the kid caught a nice one that spit up large chunks of crawfish shell. we decided it was late enough and we needed to git.

i wasnt really counting, but the kid said we were over 50 when he stopped counting. it was one of the best days ever on bastrop for me. the fish were mostly carbon copies, the largest being 3# and the smallest, out side of a perch that attacked his crawfish crank, was 1.75#.

i forgot to check the water temp, but im guessing around 68-70. one thing is did notice is that the plant was generating a LOT in the morning.

now the ned rig question. i always though ned rigs were flat heads, but the package on the ones i got said ned rig right on it, even though they had weedless wires and a pointed head. a combination of these two heads.

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Awesome! Great report and pictures! As to the Ned thing, I don’t ever Ned rig but I think the current fashion is to swim the ned rig instead of dead sticking it.
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"I think the current fashion is to swim the ned rig instead of dead sticking it"

thats how i've been fishing it with great success for a few weeks. i always thought the weight was the flat type, but the one's i got were pointed, but the package still said "ned rig". i could not care any less about that its called, only the results! they can call it mashed potato rig for all i care 🤣🤣🤣
Great day and post. I ned rig quite a bit and mostly dead stick. My understanding is that they are flat heads.

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