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Bastrop 2-19

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Had a tough morning on Bastrop.  No 25+ fish day today.  Fished with Chris (rolls360) and his co-worker Matt. The power plant wasn't generating, high pressure, then high winds.  Did manage to pick up a couple of average slot fish and a couple of dinks on white spinnerbait and black and blue jig.  Didn't catch anything worth mentioning in the discharge.  they seemed tight lipped today.  Wonder of anybody had any better luck than we did?

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Nice pics!

Didn't catch anything worth mentioning in the discharge
Matt, One day you might see the discharge like this..Fished February 05, 2008. Make sure your volume is up..funny comments from Chris. Joe, Chris and I were using Zoom Fluke Jr in White Ice and Topwater Clear Baby Torpedo.
Great video! That reminds me of skipjacks feeding in the East Cut at Port Mansfield one time. Or stripers at Texoma, only the splashes were different. Quite a blast. Thanks for sharing!
Robert, I've seen it like that before. I've seen it where they come flipping out of the water end over end. Sad part is we didn't hook up with very many fish when they were doing this. We heard fish run into the boat, the trolling motor shaft and hit other peoples boats as well. It was weird, but really something cool to see.

When I got home, I told my wife about this experience and that I wish I had our video camera with me at that time so I could have filmed this event, because it was an unbelievable site to see. That’s when she busted my bubble and told me that I had one with me. She asked me, did you have your camera with ya? I told her that I did, and that’s about the time when it dawned on me that I could have just switched it over to movie mode.
The key to catching those bass in the discharge! before giving up!

Rod/Reel : UltraLight spinning gear of your choice
Line: 6-8lb test
Lure: Weightless, Zoom Super 4" Fluke Jr, White Ice with 1/0 hook, NO WEIGHT! (Cabela's sell a pack of 10 for $2.29)

Cast it out and let the current carry it and it will sink slowly. You will catch...all those around you throwing everything and the kitchen sink at them...Try will like it ! ;)


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X2 What Ranger said!

Hard Head and I hammered them in the dc one morning with the exact rig you mentioned. We would even at times skip it back on the surface and have them explode on it! HH had one that pushed 7lbs out of the discharge that morning. I love it! ;D
The weightless fluke has got to be one of the best baits out there. Works everywhere: Fayette, Travis, Austin, Decker, you name it. Don't leave home without it.
Well that sucks because I have plenty of those colors stashed away in my fluke box. Hmm, I may have removed those lighter colors from the boat couple of months ago. If so, then I'll be sure to put them back in.
Thanks for the heads up..........
Robert...I remember that day. sure was crazy watching the fish go nuts like that. I was just glad to have caught it on the camera.
Nice to see it's still in circulation.
How have you been?
Give me a call and lets go fishing!
Yea...Lake Bastrop SUCKS!!!

I'd stay in Lake Austin, Travis, or even go to Fayette...but I won't bother with Bastrop it SUCKS....

There aint no fish there till June/July when they school...

Lake Bastrop SUCKS!!! Stay away!!!

Whatever ZDawg.....can't keep the lake to yourself......I will be there for sure......LOL...... :cool:
073F31312031260B15380B6460540 said:
Whatever ZDawg.....can't keep the lake to yourself......I will be there for sure......LOL...... :cool:

zdawg and i  share lake bastrop j/k  ;D
We were there onthe same day and had a great time with FROGS. Didn't catch a bunch but the ones we did were agood size, 3.5 to4.7lbs
Atta boy Matt, I miss the old strop, haven't fished it in quite a while. Fished LA today in the gale force with my Dad and he handed me a good old fashioned [email protected]# whoopin. I only manged one keeper, but lost a real good one, He was boating fish outta my backseat all day
5A7D76474B180 said:
 He was boating fish outta my backseat all day
hmmm maybe it's just me but something sounds fishy about that!
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