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TFTR! It sounds almost like it was written completely in haiku. :)
The quote from michang5 was the first compliment I received regarding my writing ability. The post is over six years old and it's my favorite. I'm thankful for the mod's decision to remove the spam bot's repost of this very special "TFTR!". Thank you mods!

Todd and I were curious what effect the LCRA's decision on Thursday to partially open a floodgate at Bastrop. Would we see high water, low water, murky water? None of the above. When we put in at daybreak we found good ol' constant level clear water Bastrop.

We pulled up on a drop-off and Todd turned the tables on the self-proclaimed "Trap-Master" by quickly boating three on a Spro lipless. These bass do not play favorites. Help me, Lord.

We went to the honey-hole and started drop-shotting the outside edge. A parade of boats entered the cove and fished the shoreline and exited the cove. We were happy with our catch-rate, so we stayed put for over five hours, shaking our tips and watching the parade go by, like a blessing of the fleet.

One of the lake regulars, I think a Skeeter(?) with a tiller troller on the front, made several nice catches as he prowled the eelgrass at our six. He's seen us on this same spot every weekend. He asked if we were still drop-shotting. We gave him the thumb's up and said we were happy to run this pattern.

We did not catch many over two pounds but the bite was steady enough. Todd used Bandido Bug to catch several fish before resuming drop-shot. Then he "pop-set" the hook on a fish and exclaimed, "This is different." He'd caught a three pound channel cat in addition to the thirty or so bass he pulled in.

Sunday had me by myself at P-ville. I put in really early. I tacked my way across in the pitch black, unwrapping rods and occasionally tending the tiller.

I heard a nearby splash and looked out in the darkness. I'd inadvertantly bumbled into casting range of a pair of blacked-out yakkers. I moved off a couple cast lengths and anchored up on the outside edge. I usually fish from anchor until the sun comes up.

The yakkers decided to move and as they paddled past, I set the hook on a good'un and started showing out, Iaconelli style. I'm pretty sure they didn't even bother to look back as they headed south.

It was a great start to a good day. I junk-fished and caught fish throughout the water column on a variety of lures. I went back on President's Day after work and cranked up four spawned-out bass and a giant crappie. Today, I chickened out due to the cold front and stayed home to write a post.
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