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Bastrop 11/5/09

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Fished from about 7:45 am to sunset. Water temps ranged from high 70's away from discharge area to low to mid 80's near discharge.  Stellar weather w/clear skies, calm wind pretty much all day with an occasional 3-5 mph breeze, temps starting in the low 50's increasing to a toasty low 80's mid afternoon.  Bite was so steady all day we lost count, but guessing we boated probably 40 or so with a number of others coming unbuttoned.  A handful of unders, but most others slot fish with biggest going 21", but couldn't get the weight because dead battery in my scale.  Within minutes another about the same size came unbuttoned right at the boat after putting on a great show.  Started out at discharge, no schooling happening, but some minimal surface activity seen out in mouth of discharge. Picked up one dink there on silver/blk trap, but no takers on other cranks, sb, tw, flukes, assasins, senkos, etc. so moved out to fish points.  Got a pattern going fishing edges of grasslines and drop offs with plastics rigged weightless, CR, and TR.  With the bluebird skies, most bites came getting bait down on bottom with CR and TR fished deeper, but did get some bites early on weightless senkos.  Not surprisingly anything watermelon, watermelon/char tipped, watermelon red was working.  Senkos, flukes, lizards, and 4" - 7" worms.  This pattern was working in a wide range of depths from about 3' to 15' as long as it was on or near a grass edge or drop off, and worked on points as well as shorelines back in the creek areas.  Bigger fish came in 10' - 15' out off of points on CR.  All in all about as fun a day of fishing in perfect weather as we could've asked for.  Here's the 21" caught in about 12' on a CR-

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Sounds like a very good day out there. You had the pattern pegged.
Nice, thanks for the Report. I'll be out there on Sunday.
Really good report. Appreciate the tips and strategy. They both will help next time I fish the "Strop
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