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Went out to the Strop with my good friend Jake from American Rodsmiths for a couple hours.

Fishing started off well with great numbers but figured out the ticket for bigger fish around 9am. From then on every fish we caught was above 3.5lbs.

Didnt get to take a bunch of pics but here are a couple.

The numbers came off of a new bait coming soon from Lake Fork called the hyper stik. It is a senko style bait with the LFT "hyper" cut.
The bigger fish came when we began using the new Lake Fork jigs punching through holes in mats. Neither of these baits are released yet but they will be soon.

Also I am not just throwing in a plug but the new Denny Brauer series rods from American Rodsmith are awesome. In case you dont know the new ARS rods will feature a unique grip from Winn.....AKA a golf club grip.

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Good catching. :cool:.

We finally got back to catching the larger ones. The previous two trips failed to produce anything over 18".

Finally picked up a few Sunday that included 2 5s and 2 4s and a smattering of 3.5s.

All scattered around the lake in shallow water on spinnerbaits/buzzbait/jerks.

Side note:
We were involved with a few bird species that was very Hitchcockian.

One was an egret that flew right next to the boat(hardly ever happens) and spotted my spinnerbait. It stopped in mid-flight and tried to dive in to take it.

An osprey took a dive on a buzzbait.

Two buzzards nearly plowed into my buddy while he was on the front deck. He had to duck to keep from getting hit.

And at sunset, whatever the bird species that nests in the reeds...
A 17ft bass boat with two adults is not a good landing area. We must have had a 100 land on the boat. (very eerie).
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