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despite the 9mph west wind that never materialized it wasnt a bad day, but tough fishing as far as bastrop goes.

we began at 7 on the main point south of cedar cove (north end of the dam).
my back seat landed 3 quality bastrop bass (1.5lb) in about 10 minutes on a green speed worm
he fished 3-5FOW with that rig while i fished a square bill crank (shad color), a pearl white super fluke, and a white jerk bait over grass in 8-12 FOW without a sniff

so we thought we had a pattern right away....the fish had other ideas.
another 20 minutes trying to get a bite without success made us move around the point to inside cedar cove and fish all the way to the foot bridge. i began fishing a t-rig cali/420 baby brush hog and got a couple of machine gun taps, but no real takers. back seat was shut out. inside the small cove at the foot bridge i had a decent fish grab the hog, but he spit it out about halfway.
so we stored gear and headed to the bank at the left of the spillway. he still tossed that speed worm and got nada all the way into the cove to the south. i continued to pursue the larger fish that i just KNEW were in deeper water. eventually i mad e slight change to watermelon lizard with a spiked tail. that did the trick and i began to get picked up, but nothing large and nothing hammered the bait...until one fish swallowed the lizard whole. it ended up being the 2nd biggest fish of the day. batteries were out on my scale, but estimated at 3lb. shortly after that the back seat landed what i thought would be a really good bastrop bass when i saw the mouth, but this fish looked like courtney love. it was the skinniest fish i believe ive ever seen.

we trolled across the flats to the next cove to the south and on the inside of that point things began to get busy. i began getting hit regularly boating about 4 or 5 fish so back seat switched to the lizard and also began getting hit. all were bastrop type bass, but still fun and good fighters. we trolled across to the point outside of south shore hoping to get a few more at my favorite spot on the lake, but the fish were done. i marked large groups of bass but they were all deep in the hydrilla/niad as in 4' below the grass tops. mentioning the niad it looked really healthy. we also found a few patches of duck weed (my favorite to fish). very little if any green algae, but we also didnt fish all that shallow.

water temp across the lake was a steady 69 degrees with glass like conditions most of the day.
the wind never materialized and let me tell you it was so humid frogs were like "damn, its humid!"
guess lots of other anglers found it tough fishing also because it seemed we had the lake to ourselves after about noon save for a few kayakers and a couple of flat bottoms

didnt get an great count, but probably boated 20 total fish between us two in 7 hours on the water. several went home as dinner for my back seat and his family (trying to do our part to lessen the population on this lake so they can begin to grow!)

oh, forgot to mention we decided to troll along the north side bank where those posts are sticking out of the water. the only time i fish there is when they're schooling. they did actually push some bait to the top, but the action lasted seconds not minutes and we never got bit.

all in all a fun day. my back seat, being a younger guy, asked me, someone who has fished bastrop since the early 70s, what i thought the biggest fish on the lake would weigh today. i figured maybe 6.5-7lb, but of course no way to prove it. my biggest ever on bastrop went 5.5 and the lake record was only just under 10 and that was 30 years ago. he said he thought maybe there was a 10 in there. i told him if he caught a 10 i'd buy him a new bass boat. i figger i'm safe for awhile.

now for the advertisment. i mentioned my back seat is a younger guy and he is, but he's also a helluva fisherman. he is going to begin a guide service on Lake Travis next summer. he fishes it at least 4 times a week and his reports are always in line with what i see and hear from other guides out there. so, if you wanna learn how to fish Travis and help a young guy get started, holler at me and I'll get you in touch.
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