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I wiped frost off the gunnels as I loaded tackle into the Stratos. We were the first legal boat launching from the South Park. It was barely safe light and we watched as a PWC with fishing poles disappear out of the channel in to the misty lake nearly an hour before legal PWC operating time. The wind was cold but the water was a nice power plant 75°.

Todd dropped off pad at his favorite starting spot. He quickly put together a run of fish with a lipless crankbait. He was ripping hydrilla in 12FOW and caught four before the hydrilla snagged the crank and would not give it back. We moved into the cove as a pair of yakkers sailed through to the back. We concentrated our efforts in the ditch and I caught a couple of fish on TR Ol Monster.

We decided to move up shallow at Buzzard Point, but couldn’t find any bites. I suggested the dam pocket, so we posted up on the outside edge, where Todd put together another nice run of fish with Tokyo Rig BBH. I could not get bit on my diving crank or a Shadow Rap jerk bait. I decided to try some retread beavers from the bottom of my day use box, and lo and behold, a couple more fish in hand.

We moved to the middle of the lake, the main lake hump. Todd got one on Tokyo and I got one on Texas. Todd switched to Carolina Rig lizard and I went with (Longhorn inspired) nose hooked drop-shot fluke, both tactics putting fish in the boat.

We caught 24 between the two of us. This lake is so beautiful with eagles and hawks soaring and fishing. Off at 12:30PM.
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