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Fished Bastrop from sun up to sun down for the first time.... Long day. Even got a sunburn. Great day to fish!! Winds 5-10mph's and kicked up a little later in the day, but for the most part it was real calm.

Water temp was high 70's all the way up in the discharge. 70's in the back of coves on discharge side of the lake. and as low as 65 degrees on intake side of lake.

The day started off great. Nobody at north shore ramp. No Traffic in discharge except for one boat at first. A few came later on.

Threw flukes and ended up landing this 21.5inch fatty. In the same spot that I landed that 22inch about a month ago.

Two casts later a few feet down. I hooked into another nice fish... 5plus lbs, but it jumped and wrapped me in some trees, and jumped again and got out of the trees, but the hook flew right back at me... Fun fight none the less.

Left the discharge and fished where the fish were 3 days earlier and nothing....

Fished reeds, with flukes, and caught all of our fish shallow in reeds, except for 4 fish on C-Rig, and 5 on Shakyheads. That I threw in deeper areas..

Came back to the Discharge later in the day, and My buddy lands this 19.5in a few feet away from where I caught my bigger fish.... I had to wrestle this fish in a bush for prolly 2 mins, worried that the 10lb test is going to break at any moment... Broke some branches, and was holding this fish by the tail untill I could grab it's head... Was just out of reach, and millions of branches everywhere, but I got it...

Our nicest fish came out of about 5 inches of water.

Also met Tx Lunker Hunter out there today, and bumped into Robert and Matt.

I think I only boated about 15 fish all day long, and my buddy had around 8 or 9. Slowest day for me on Bastrop in a long time. Still a great day though....

Here's a couple 4plus lbers, from Saturday, with that tournament going on.  

Caught at the same time on a lipless Crank and fluke. The fish on the right is my buddies fish on fluke.

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