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We were the third boat to launch from the South Shore a half hour before safe-light. Idling away from the ramp, the only light was the faint glow of a lakeside campfire, perfect weather for camping and fishing. We were on pad for mere seconds before throttling down at our first spot, a mainlake point. We worked a hundred yard stretch, Todd scored twice, one each on El-trap and BBH.

I asked Todd to put us back on the spot where we whacked 'em (to the tune of well over fifty) the previous weekend. We weren't far, so he put the troller to max and made a bee-line for his waypoint. On the way we caught two, me with a Shadow Rap and Todd with the lipless.

We cleared the hydrilla edge and cast our drop-shots into twenty FOW. We were getting bit at a combined rate of approximately one fish per ten minutes. Last weekend it was a bite every five minutes, so we decided to make the rounds and run some gas thru the V-max.

We ran up a cove and to our delight we located the discharge. While Todd was rummaging though his rod locker, I cast out a Ned worm and bagged a fun fish from under the cable. Todd quickly followed suit and we each caught one more. Then the discharge rip-rap was consuming our Ned heads before the fish did, so we left to find easier fishing.

We motored into a large cove with three other boats, plenty of room. Normally, I do well at this spot but I blanked. Todd, on the other hand, was on fire and caught around ten on Texas-rigged creature bait. I suggested we move to the mainlake hump.

We moved and caught a dozen or so drop-shot fish from the outside edge of the hydrilla. We made our way back over to the honey-hole and plucked it repeatedly with drop-shot 4" and 6" worms. The wind had picked up quite a bit to around twenty, so I was using a 3/8 oz drop-shot weight. Super fun lake can't wait to get back.
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