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Bastrop 1/1/09

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Hit up Bastrop today with Tony 'JD'. Hit the water around 7 am and fished till around 3'ish. Started out cold and clear with winds out of the South. Then turned cloudy and still windy. We fished jigs all day around weed edges and boated around 20 or so fish between the two of us. I thought the day was going to be on fire after landing a 5 plus on my third cast. Was slow but all fish were fat and healthy. Biggest was just over 5 pounds.

Happy New Year! :D
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Nice fish. Thanks for the report.
Good report, thanks.

I was thinking about going to the strop on my next fishing trip.
I was out there from 10 to 2. Bass were schooling heavy at the entrance to the discharge, caught several on weightless senko.
Thanks! That lake is fun to fish for sure! I need to make the drive down there more often. The fish there are just crazy! I had this one come flying out of the air at least 3 feet high and then right back up again! :eek:

Great times!
Very cool! Thanks for the report.  5lb is a very nice catch on Bastrop.
Nice report Collector. Thanks for sharing.

Nice fattie to beginn the new yr :D

Jim ;)
Thanks for sharing! I will be heading out that way tomorrow... Hope to have a little luck! I've been lurking here for a while and finally bit! I'll report on how I do.. anyone please feel free to PM me any hints you may have as this will only be my second time on Bastrop!
I'm likely to head down there tomorrow as well if the weather holds up...sounds like a decent chance of storms.
Nice fish! Just one question. Has that GUNK still overtaken bastrop?? I fished Bastop in Oct. and vowed not to go back until some of that stuff died off. I sure hope so because I LOVE Bastrop!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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