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Hit Bastrop this morning with HHJ. 7 'til Noon

Temp 40-60
Water Temps upper 60's-lower 70's
Calm wind in the a.m., Blowin' hard at noon.....
Water - stained

Caught some nice fish early morning on small plastics. This one went about 5lbs.

The bite lasted about an hour or so. Two other nice fish here....

We caught fish all day, 30-something I'd guess; however, couldn't establish a pattern after the morning bite.

Caught 'em on pumpkin seed colored plastics; wacky worm and tx-rigged lizard. Not much going on with the moving baits (SB or RT).

Saw Btsmbass posted up in the middle of the lake. Thought we saw Fishless's ProCraft blast past us heading to the discharge also.

Very busy on the lake today........

Good times!


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Yeah that was me out there. Btsmbass was out as well. Fished from 920-120. Burning a red Diamond Shad over grass produced 9 chunks for me. 10th fish was a little one on white/blue SB. As wind picked up, made it hard to stay close enough to grass, yet not right on top of it. Went up into Boy Scout Camp area, nothing on timber.  They arent just swiping at the bait, they are inhaling it.

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