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I know some of you might not  believe Somerville can produce nice sacks of fish ( I wonder myself sometimes), but today the "chumps" June Tourney was held from 6:00 to 12:30.  It was an individual tourney with 15 members.  
BigdubBC (Warren) won with 15 Pounds.
Dean Meinke 2nd with 14 pounds including big bass of 7.2
NitroShane with with 10 pounds (4 fish) got 3rd and TxBucky with 9.15 for 4th (4 fish)..............However, the story of the day was ZDAWG........Fishing alone, He was halfway across the lake and his new kitty broke down at 6:05.  His cell phone broke earlier in the week so he couldn't call for help..does he quit, true "chump" fashion he drifts with the trolling motor for over 3 hrs. to get back to the ramp.  But, on the way he crashes in to unseen rocks and knocks the transducer off his trolling motor and now doesnt' even know how deep he's fishing..........he never quit fishing the whole day.....and attributed the positive attitude to the Miller Lite's he popped open at 6:45 a.m. (he had nothing else to do)...............he did weigh in one nice fish and stayed after tourney and bbq sausage wraps for fellow "chumps"...He's the MAN!!  Here's hoping he has his kitty back for Sat. Bastrop Fish Fry Tourney.  Full results and pics are at

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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