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The BASS CHUMPS BASS CLUB will be putting on a sweet 16 tournament on LAKE SOMERVILLE on April 9th and 10th 2011.

DATE: April 9-10, 2011

* * This tournament only pays 2 places - the Champions
and the Consolation Winners!
Championship pays $1600 (with 16 teams) and
Consolation pays $800 (with 16 teams)
***800.00 dollars goes to the BassChumps BassClub to
send their members to the Top-Six State Championship.
Format: This is a true bracket fishing or "draw" tournament. It is open to the 1st
sixteen teams that enter. Entry fee is $200 dollars per team. The "draw" will take
place at 6:00 A.M. on Sat. the 9th at the Overlook Boat Ramp. The 1st team
drawn will go in to slot #1, 2nd team drawn in slot #2, etc. until the bracket is
filled. It is truly the luck of the draw as to who you will fish against. This is a
"head to head" tournament, and you are only fishing against one team in each
round. The winners of round one move into the winners bracket ($1600 dollars),
and the losers of round one go into the consolation bracket!($800 dollars)! There
will be 4 rounds! (If you lose AFTERRound 1 you are OUT in either of the
brackets!) Everyone is guaranteed to fish 2 Rounds!
Saturday: April 9th
ROUND 1: (the Sweet 16) After the field has been drawn, Round 1 begins at safe
daylight on Sat. April 9th. Weigh-in is at 12:00 P.M. We will weigh-in by the
order of the bracket. The 8 winning teams will advance to round 2 and the
Championship Bracket, while the 8 losing teams will head for the Consolation
ROUND 2: We will begin Round 2 at 2:30 P.M. and weigh-in is at 7:30 P.M. Once
again, we will weigh-in by the order on the bracket. The 4 winners in each
bracket will advance to Round 3 on Sunday. ALL losers of Round 2 are OUT.
Sunday April 10th
ROUND 3: The teams making it to the Final4 of each bracket will follow the same
format as Sat. Take-off is at safe daylight, and weigh in is at 12:00 P.M. The two
winners of the Championship Bracket move on to the Finals, and the 2 winners of
the Consolation Bracket move on to the Cons. Finals!
ROUND 4: (The Championship and Consolation Finals) - The Final 2 Teams in
each bracket will take off at 2:30 and weigh-in is at 7:30 P.M.
RULES: All teams may weigh-in 5 Bass per round (largemouth) NO culling at the
ramp or weigh-in. There will be a live-well check before each round.
*It is the contestants responsibility to know the length limits for the lake.
Permitted Fishing Methods:
- Only artificial baits may be used. No live or cut bait is permitted (pork baits are
- All bass must be caught alive in a legal and sporting manner. No snagging.
- Each competitor may only use 1 rod at a time. No more than 1 line in the water
at a time per angler.
- Trolling with the combustion motor is not permitted.
*Dead Fish Penalty: A penalty of 1 pound per dead fish will be applied for each
dead fish weighed in. Contestants should use every means possible to keep fish
*AII contestants MUST be inside the buoys at the entrance to the Overlook Park
cove by the designated weigh-in time! You will be given a 1 pound deduction for
every minute you are late. After 10 minutes late YOU are disqualified!
* Tie-Breakers - #1 - If two competing teams happen to "0" at weigh-in, resulting
in a tie, then we will move to a Sudden Death Tie Breaker! Each team will leave
from the ramp and the 1st one to weigh in a fish wins! However, if no fish are
weighed in bv the time set by the director( 1hour), the match will be decided by a
coin toss!! #2 - If two competing teams have the exact same weight, the Tie-
Breaker will be determined by their biggest bass!
Weather: In the event of inclement weather at take-off, the tournament director
reserves the right to shorten a Round for the safety of the contestants. Once the
tournament has started, in case of inclement weather it will be the contestant's
decision to stay and fish or seek shelter/leave.
- All contestants are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy,
safety and conservation.
- Safe boating must be observed at all times.
- * Decisions of the Tournament Director are final and are not subject to appeal.
Interpretation of these rules will be left exclusively to the Tournament Director.
Payout: This tournament has a payout of $1600 that goes to the Championship
team (800 each), and $800 for the winner of the Consolation Bracket. (400 each)
However, $1600 is only guaranteed if the entire field of 16 teams is filled.
Example, if there is only 14 teams, then the tournament pays $1400, etc.
Substitutions: If for some reason, one of the team members cannot fish, you can
substitute someone else or you can fish by yourself! Please let the tournament
director know before the tournament starts of the change! (However, once the
tournament begins there will be NO Substitutions!)
*** This is open to the 1st 16 Teams to enter, so you need to hurry. It will fill up

Entry Fee is $ 200 per team and must be post-marked by March 20th, 2011. Mail
entries to Justin Siegler at 1943 County Road 204, Paige, Tx. 78659. Make checks
pavable to Lee County Bass Club! (Bass Chumps is now the former Lee County.
Bass Club) You can also give your entries in person to Justin Siegler or Mike Buck.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:
Mike Buck 979-716-0018
Justin Siegler 979- 716-7552

TEAM MEMBER #l(Name) _

Address: -----------------------------------------------------------

Telephone: Work # Cell # _

TEAM MEMBER #2(Name) _

Address: -----------------------------------------------------------

Telephone: Work# Cell# _

* All participants expressly assume all risk(s) associated with this tournament event and
hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless the Tournament Director, and other
tournament officials, and the Bass Chumps Bass Club from all claims or injury and/or
damage arising out of, or related to and/or incurred in connection with this tournament
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