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All teams that have entered all five events automatically qualify to fish the Championship presented by Yamaha with a guaranteed 1st place purse of $50,000. There is no entry fee to participate, and it will take place on Lake O.H. Ivie October 3rd & 4th. There will be an optional side pot teams can enter with a 100% payback. The top 10 teams in AOY standings will receive free side pot entries.

Fishing Cover/Structure
Cover in the reservoir is primarily standing timber. The trees and brush were not cleared from the reservoir basin before the lake was impounded, so there are thousands of acres of flooded mesquite, oak, and juniper trees in all parts of the reservoir. Flooded saltcedar also makes up a large proportion of the fish cover. Native vegetation and hydrilla occurs in the main part of the lake and is spreading up the Colorado River and Concho River arms. The structure in the main part of the reservoir is mostly rock. In the river arms it is mostly mud flats.

Tips & Tactics
Largemouth bass are caught using artificial baits around the aquatic vegetation and standing timber. Another effective bass technique is flipping jigs or soft plastics into the saltcedar. Trophy-sized fish are caught on Carolina-rigged plastic worms  fished off deep (20+ feet) humps and drop-offs. [highlight]Bass fishing this lake can be summed up in two words, GO DEEP,[/highlight] with the exception of the spawn most of the trophy fish in this lake will come out of 25 to 35 foot of water. With the vast amount of deep water available on this lake it fishes a lot different than most lakes. The key to finding big fish on OH Ivie is to look for pockets of standing cover on deep flats. The outside grass line can also be good early in the morning and late evenings. Small mouth on this lake seem to hold more true to there traditional habitats. Look for them on Steep rocky banks, points and ledges.

I have never fished this lake...But from the looks of some of the bass caught out of here earlier this year, looks like it has some big bass!

The best five went 53.89, with 8 bass over 9lbs caught, and the biggest weighing 12 lbs. 5 oz.


During one tournament last May, anglers weighed 28 bass over 9 pounds, with nine over 10 pounds. Two weeks later, during a driving-rain storm, anglers caught 32 bass over 8 pounds, with five over 10 pounds. Three 13 pounds-plus Sharelunker bass were caught at Ivie last year. All three fish were caught in the Turkey Bend area.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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