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hello guys, ive been looking for a bass boat recently and cant seem to find the right one..i may be to picky.. im looking for a used boat w a 90-140hp motor, 16ft or longer, and and not older than a 98, and i only have about $5500 in cash but wouldnt mind taking out a small loan if i find a great deal at around 8 or 9. got skrewed once on a rebuilt motor so i try to avoid those a.m.a.p. anyone know of any places other than craigslist in austin where i can find used boats. any help would be awesome..thanks

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26676C676461540 said:
Robert- ;D

I'm also looking for a bass boat.   The best one I can get for $10k cash.

Feel free to PM w any potenial options.

Your actually going to let go of mr. trusty!?

As you probably saw I was in the same ballpark you are as far as funds and situation, looking to pick my new ride up on Saturday.

I'll keep my eyes open for ya bud.
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