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Barton bass

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Barton Creek(after the pool) has some excellent bass fishing which requires Finesse. If you can schedule your outing for a weekday and the bass wont be so spooky but if you cant then thats where this report comes in :) .

Bass there take few offerings any longer than 5 inches excluding worms, spinners(in-line and v-shaft work), and several topwaters including the Zara Spook, any popper realy, and the jitterbug.
One tactic Ive discovered is to hook a clear inch long worm(or Eagle Claws Nitro Worm) onto a 1/16 ounce jighead texas style and "pop it" through the weeds which is to paddle up the creek to where you start to get afraid  of grounding the boat or kayak then drift downstream dropping it into holes you see in the weeds letting it sink then "popping" it up with a quick move of your pole from 6o'clock to 8o'clock.Sometimes you only get one pop other times you'll get up to ten the thrill of fishing this way is that youl often catch three to six pound large mouth,  the rare one to three pound small mouth, and two pound crappie ON TEN FEET OF LINE  :eek:.

Another great stratagy is to take a jointed floating Rapala and work it just fast enough to get the head to go under and  the tail to leave a v-wake (or v-walk it)over wherever you see bass holding. It often requires a underarm cast  to get beneath any tree limbs. To get the v-wake perfect takes a few tries so dont  get angry if it doesnt work the first time around (like i did when i first tried it).

My last tip for you is to "slash a tube" this requires you texas rig a tube (preferably white or black) with a 1/8 ounce bullet sinker, pitching it out to the bass and letting it sink before jerking your rod from 6o'clock to 12o'clock to "slash" it  upwards in a almost vertical motion.

Now admittedly the last one wasnt finesse but it will pull strikes from virtually any bass (smallies like it much more than largemouth though)

these tactics are reccomended for ultra clear water or ultra small streams
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Very cool information. Thanks! I know more than a couple guys that will be testing your tips on LA.
hey one thing before using the first and second tactics please dont tell many people because i'd like to keep it relitivly secret because the first one was taught to me by a sage of fishing(at least to me) my grandfather who has spent 74 of his 82 years with a love for fishing
and the second is one i designed myself and would like to pass on to my kids

so unless you see someone who is hopeless on ultra clear water please dont tell those two ;)
Well only 247 (make that 248) folks have read this post so your secret is safe :D
Yeah, delete this quick. ;)
163023342B312A27232E31420 said:

Posting something on ABF + Keep it a secret = LMAO! ;D

546 views and counting. ;)
6B22626E610F0 said:
Barton Creek(after the pool) has some excellent bass fishing which requires Finesse. If you can schedule your outing for a weekday and the bass wont be so spooky...
Fished the west bank of Barton with a dropshot yesterday. TONS of people banging around in their Alumacraft canoes. Every male within eyesight yelling "HAVE ANY LUCK?!?!?!"

Well, certainly not with all that banging and yelling.

I caught a dink bass when my dropshot slid into the water while I was closing my tacklebox. Other than that, not so much as a nibble.

Lots of spawning perch, which was cool to watch.

1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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