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Baitcasting Reels for sale...

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I've got a few baitcasting reels that I've had for some time now that are all in pretty good shape that I'm looking to get rid of. Like I said, they're good reels, they just don't suit my style of fishing. I've got three:
1) Shimano Corsair CS 400A
2) Quantum Iron IR3W
3) Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6000

If you'd like to see pictures, just let me know and I can send some. I'm looking to sell them for about $20 a piece OBO. If interested, just let me know and I'll give you more details...
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Put me in line... Especially for the Abu! If you can send me pics of the others, I may take them as well.
Definitely seems like the Abu is the most popular one.  haha.  I will post some pics.  Since it has generated so much interest, I think I'm going to wait it out a couple of days to see what kind of offers I get.  So far, it's going to a guy in Cedar Park for $20.  If you'd like to go $25 then let me know...

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I will give you $30.00 for the Abu
Sounds good to me so far, cutbait79. If I don't get a better offer by tomorrow then it will be all yours. I'll let you know...
Just let me know I am off Sun & Mon.
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