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Backseat for any of the major OPEN bass tournaments

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I would like to fish as a back seater on TuffMan or BassChamps or FAN this coming year...

I have been in a bass club for the past two years, and use to fish with the Houston Bass Club back, years ago. I am looking for someone that I can help with entry fee's and expenses.I have plenty of references...(Top 6 in Houston Bass Club to First Place the past two years in bass club. I am not boastfull, just looking to have a good time!)

PM, me if interested...Thanks, Robert

Been fishing local lakes since 1987....
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Thanks to all that thought of me....I look forward to fishing some fun tournaments this coming 2010/2011 years....

Wow, one of the best fisherman I know of, asking for a back seat. Whoever gets you will be in the money, a lot. Maybe you should auction yourself off.
I know I don't carry a stick like Robert, but I am looking for a backseat for a series for next year as well.  

And this is my 500th post....God!
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