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What a great night to be out on the water!  We had some very nice fish brought in during the TTZ Wed Nighter and were also treated to a rare smallmouth bass sighting on Austin!

The fish are back on beds according to our winners and there are quite a few big ladies just about ready to lock down.  Despite the flowing water, the bite was tough for most but a few teams did manage some very nice fish.  Here are a few pics from last night...

Randy and Brad 27.36 lbs

Brad's 10.36 pound Big Bass winner

Lance and his 7.79 lber

Wayne's smallie!

I looked at the TPWD records and although there's an entry for a spottie I didn't notice an entry for a smallmouth.  I've heard others have caught them on Austin before but this is the first one I've witnessed and seen a photo of.  Could this have been entered as a lake record?

Good times last night and thanks again Dub for the help.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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