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The bite was tough for Eric and myself last night, we ran up north and fished the edges of grass in 10-12' and did not get a single bite.  The whole spawn/post spawn on Austin is really kicking my ass (<- this is a board edit...I am not a ****), need to get out there and start scouting some water before the tournament.

All was not lost as Eric stumbled upon a new pattern, we found if you sat on the cowling and just drifted your Senko it is likely to produce a 2 pounder.  The Senko is truly a "do nothing" bait and will catch fish as long as it's in the water.

Other teams did find the fish and most of the bigger ones were reported coming off post spawn areas.

Grant and Bryan with a couple of nice ones before the tournament

Ed and his 9.40 pound Big Bass

Grant and his 7.14

As always, someone manages to find em out there!
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