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Austin 121308

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Fished this morning with Rude from 7 to 10am.   Nothing was on for us today.  Landed only 3 fish.   One dink, 1 at 2lb and this one at 6.2.  Spent alot of time just looking at the fish in the clear water.

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wow that water was clear
man what awesome markings on that fish.  nice catch

I was also out there from 7 - 10 fishing mostly mid lake around CP so I didnt quite make it up to quinlan.  Managed one little keeper on more or less my last cast of the day.  It hit my shakey head off a dock got it, then as if on cue, the winds picked up to 20 mph so it was time to get outta there.  beautiful morning to be out on teh lake though.  Also had to be some husband/wife tourney bc i saw lots of couples out there this morning.


STAY OFF MY SPOT!!!!!!   :-*


P.S. I know what ur tossing!! ;)
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Nice one Alan! ;D
That's one BEAUTIFUL bass!
Very healthy looking for sure. I want one too.
Nice fish Alan.
716963656966080 said:
Still using those giant swim baits? :)
Nope! These babies are the ticket out there now. ;)
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