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If your temp light is flashing on the Tachometer of your Yamaha gauge even though you know your engine isn't too hot and it even flashes when the engine isn't running but the key is on, do the following:

Pull the Tach LCD gauge out of the dash. On the back side of it there is a rubber plug. Pop out the rubber plug and there will be 3 dip switches. You see a 1, 2, 3 beneath each one. Make sure the switches are set to the following:

1: On
2: Off
3: Off (Mine was incorrectly in the "ON" position)

Once I adjusted the #3 switch to the "OFF" position it began working correctly. In most cases this comes from the factory set incorrectly b/c the riggers assembling the boat are supposed to set the switches to the type of motor and water temp sensor.

Reassemble everything when you're finished and pat yourself on the back for avoiding another trip to the dealer.

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