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Ok guys and gals, this one really isn’t going to last long but have to let you all know in case you or someone you know has some interest… Argentina’s most prestigious fishing waters in the Tierra del Fuego. This place books out a year in advance and they just let me know of a cancellation! All Inclusive…

We have March 13-20th open for the COMBO program (7 nights and 6 days fishing) for 4 people. Here’s the chance of a life time to save A LOT of money and fish two of the best trout lodges IN THE WORLD!
Three at full price and Once Comes FREE!

Cost is USD 5,950 per person + USD 200 for the transfers. We can also disperse the $5,950 SAVINGS throughout the entire party as well! Let me know ASAP because this really won’t make it but a few days…
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New Years in Argentina
Another cancellation came through today as well for December 27- January 2 (NEW Year week) for 6 people. This lodge is the closest to the ocean and is the best early in the season as you will get first shot at the Sea Run Browns as they make their way up the river. My outfitter told me we can work a GREAT deal if we can get a party of 6 and they are willing to celebrate the New Year fishing and having fun in Buenos Aires! Let me know on this one as well-
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