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I know it is not Austin area but we have created a great youth fishing league tournament trail here in Houston. We were so badly suffering for some method to get our kids outdoors and into fishing that we took it upon ourselves to form one. Our first T was on Lake Livingston and we have 19 participants vying for plaques and prizes. Championship will be later in the year with places paid in savings bonds or something slimilar. Registration for individuals is reasonable. We can provide full rules and regulations by return mail or post them on a separate thread. We expect about 50 anglers at Conroe on the 2nd of May. Tournaments are operated by Ignition Bass and sponsored by Academy and my club Magnolia-Tomball Bass Club. There is some talk about doing the same thing in Austin area later. This is a good place to get a test of how we should prepare, numbers to be expected etc. Want any more info on our YFL just call George at 281-433-3917 or email [email protected]
Always important to stress parental support is required and all waivers signed. We never put an unsupervised angler on a boat without parent concent and third party observer. Back seats generally available to non-boaters or we may fish three to a boat. :)
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