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Anyone interested in entering the TTZ Lake Austin BBS for $63.00?

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Alright guys, I've found a way for users with an Ebay and Paypal account to enter the tournament at a discount.

Microsoft Live is a new search engine and has a promo going that gives you 30% off an Ebay purchase.  However, you must pay via Paypal.  Ultimately, if you go through this route your final cost for registration will be $63.00.

If anyone on here is interested let me know and I will get it set up in order for you to make the purchase.  This is a pain in the a$$ for me but thought it might help some of you guys out.

Even if you do not already have an Ebay or Paypal account it only takes a few minutes to set them up.

WARNING - This route is for computer literate people only, thanks.
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I am interested and already have a cashback account through MS Live. I will check back to see if you set this up and what the search tag would be. From what I can tell you need to have the MS Live account in addition to Ebay/PayPal and you have to add the cashback option. Just so happens I already had all three so it was easy.

Im game, I have an ebay and paypal setup already.
OK, for those of you interested I have set up the auction on Ebay.

3725252D2F400 said:
From what I can tell you need to have the MS Live account in addition to Ebay/PayPal and you have to add the cashback option.
That is correct, you have to search for the item through your MS Live account (which takes about a minute to set up).  If you do not already have an MS Live account go to and sign up for one.  After you have signed up...

- Search for "gift card"
- A sponsored link should return for ebay that shows the cashback icon - click it (it should be the very first option and looks like this)

Sponsored sitesGift card- www.ebay.comLive Search cashback
Buy Gift card. You may get 30% off with PayPal if eligible

- When it redirects you to Ebay type TTZ Lake Austin Big Bass Splash 12/06/08 next to Find.
- Click on the item, purchase it with Buy It Now and pay for it immediately using Paypal. (I had to list it at $90.00 to net $80.00 after the Ebay fees, but ultimately you will end up paying $63.00)  Before you complete the purchase it will show you how much cash back you'll receive.
- Once you've completed the purchase go to your Messages on Ebay and follow the link to set up your Cash Back option.

A few things to consider:

- The cash back may take up to 60 days to hit your Paypal account.  Although some of the transactions may appear sooner, even immediately.  I have no idea how this is determined.
- If you have any questions be sure to read the FAQs:

This promo really works.  I have already purchased two more Daiwa Steez reels at 30% off the Buy It Now price.  You can't beat a $499.95 Steez 2500 spinning reel for $307.30 or a $449.95 100HA for $286.30!  

If you purchase on Ebay frequently take advantage of this while you can, not sure how long MS Live will be offering it.  You are also limited to 12 purchases per Ebay account and each purchase has a $200.00 maximum reward.

Looks like there are 10 more Steez reels in my very near future  ;D
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Op repped  ;D.  I like discounted stuff.
Im about to hit the purchase button, it tells me I'll get 22.50 back off the 90$ which is 67.50.

am I doing something wrong?
6E4D5F5F785E4D4F47495E2C0 said:
Im about to hit the purchase button, it tells me I'll get 22.50 back off the 90$ which is 67.50.

am I doing something wrong?
Nope it looks like MSN Live Search dropped the %discount to 25%.
Ok I'm in. Now we'll see how long it takes to get the cash back.
I just made another purchase with the 25% and it showed up as an instant cash back meaning you dont have to wait the 60 days for it. It showed up in my paypal as cashback and I already submitted the transfer request to my bank account.
My cashback is pending, as soon as it clears I can move it. SWEET

Thanks andy!
Glad it worked out for you guys. It must have just changed to 25% today. It had been 30% for a while and when I went through the check out last night and it was still 30%.

So updated cost will be $67.50.
I will be doing mine shortly along with another purchase. :)

Thanks for setting this up.
Cool and no problem, anyhing to help.

Also, if you didn't already know you have to start a new search everytime you make an additional purchase on Ebay.

As stated in the FAQs:

To make additional qualifying purchases, you must repeat each of these steps including initiating a new search on
Worked just fine. Do I need to do anything further as far as registration?

Assume I can lauch anywhere/anytime but no wet lines until 6:30am and no check-in if already registered?

Thanks for setting this up and letting us know about this Airfob. Now to the next purchase..... Weemo
Whoever is planning on registering with this method better hurry, it's down to 20% now.

It also took me about 30 mins for the site to become available because of traffic.

:D :D :eek: :eek:
Billy, we have your info and you are good to go. No check in required. You can get on the water anytime but cannot cast until 6:30.

I've heard the percentages can cycle from 30 to 20 and back up again to 30.  Not sure how they choose to apply a certain percentage but am guessing it keeps users coming back to the search engine just to check.

Who knows, it may go back up to 30 by end of the week or drop down to 15.  

Either way, the max reward is $200.00 per transaction regardless of the %.  So when it's low just buy something more expensive to get your max cashback  :p
Thanks airfob,

Saved 20% on entry and bought a new Revo STX for $163 and got another 20% off of that with no tax and free shipping.  I am already making money on this tourney!
That is exactly what we like to hear! Making money before you even fish ;D

My cashback isn't available unti Jan 31, how did I get so lucky? :mad:
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