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The teams that have qualified for the 2009 TuffMan Championship tournament to be held January 10th on Lake Belton with weigh-in at the Central Texas Boat Show are as follows:

Tuff-Man 2009 Championship Teams

Terry Williams / Terry Brown
Adrian Barnes / Daniel Barnes
Joseph E. Lee, Jr. / Chris Roberts
Allen McAdams / Andrew McAdams
Craig Gilbert / Carla Gilbert
Brad Williams / Jeff Pitrucha
Troy Elliott / Jimbo Hicks
Lance Wenmohs / David Collinsworth
Scott Meads / Chuck Guthrie
Keith Kinlaw / Mark Maynard
Eric Kietzer / Darren Sebek
Brian Wendeborn / Eric Wendeborn
Clint Clover / Donnie Clover
Albert Pemberton, Jr. / Jerry Eller
John Guerra / Paul Stokes
Billy Eaton / Scott Schilling
Ryan Crawford / Ryan Warren
David Underwood / Denny Copeland
Michael Yezak / Ricky Wagnor
Gerald Poboril ? Jack Powe
Jody Holubek / Rick Scott
Melvin Yezak / John Yezak
Mike Montanez / Will Hammonds
Dave Thomas / Pete Garza
Mark Beckman / Tommy McKay
Wade Watts / Johnathan Watts
Dean Jones / Chris Nors
Coby Burns / Craig Hafercamp
Billy Brewer / Lowell Bennett
Keith Boettcher / Kimberly Boettcher
Ryan Glass / Chad Williams
Terry Hays / Ken Massey
Ronnie Trower / Brett Stafford
Gary Bowien / David Trevino
Kevin Bearden / Steve Bearden
Keith Combs / Landan Ware
Brian Burns / James Roberts
David Ridley / Kendall Lovett
Justin Allison / Justin Eary
Matt Cannon / Steve Cannon
Charles Gerhart / David Shuster
Rick Helmcamp/ Gene Lathrop
Joe Stone / Allen Barker
Lewis Decker / Jared Saddler
Elton Brock / Dan Watson
Travis McCullough / Bobby Wilson
Chad Thiel / Randy Nolan
Ronny Maynard / Eddy Maynard
Chuck Simmons / Mike Ashley

Points Qualifiers for 2009 Championship

Sophal Korng / Rey Ramon
Mike Arnold / L.J. Costillo
Bill Blackwell / Stan Dragoo
Mickey Hamm / Russell Parrish
Steven Tindell / Joe Contretras
Jim Fielding, Jr. / Trey Fielding
John Weatherly / Rex Wheeler
Bubba Pietrich / Billy Rowe
Jack Morse / Pat Grimm
Thomas Holden / Chancey Holden
Bill Freeman / Tim Daniel
Dustin Barfield / Bryan Mach

Anglers of Year

Adrian Barnes and Daniel Barnes with 758 points

A special THANK YOU to all the fishermen that participated and congratulations to the Barnes brothers for finishing the 2008 season as Angler Team of the Year.
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