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Another Trop report 2-24

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Launched at 6:30
60 degrees
water temp around 69 on the main lake
winds calm in the morning but picked up from the north/west by mid morning

I fished mostly the grass lines. Picked up several on T-rig senko green in color. I also caught some on crome and blue rattle trap. Smallest was about 5 inches and larges went for 3.8lbs. Great day on the lake.
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Nice B-Trop LM. Congrats.
What did the big one hit on?
This one was caught on a green w/red&black flake senko. She was back in a cove about an inch from the shore in some shade. I found some new fishing spots on the lake today. I'm there almost every weekend and decided it was time to explore. I'm glad I did. :)
Looks like you had a good time. Thanks for sharing!

Did you notice if the bass were spawned out? Or thinner?

On Fayette, on Friday...most fish were thin...Except for two...
The fish I caught looked very chunky. My guess is they still had eggs.
I caught a couple out of that same cove Debbie.
Nice fish Debbie!

I went out Saturday with my Bro and Ugly Jacket and managed to have a pretty decent morning I think we boated around 30+ fish. I love Bastrop its just to much fun!

Caught most of our fish throwing Whacky rigs around Grass and Rattletraps.

Me and Ugly Jacket Doubled up.

Bro with a nice chunk.

Take Care
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Sounds like Bastrop was the place to be. Congrats to all.

Have any of you caught bass near or around the large mat of grass, near the dam? It is located near the middle of the dam. I starts against the rocks and extends out about 30 years. It is in about 20 feet of water, too. .Again, some big fish have been recently caught in that area...Just wondering. I have not been out recently to Bastrop. It is becoming one of favorites very quickly!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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