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Another Day on Decker (pics)

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So I hit up decker again today, put in the water as the sun was breaking the horizon.  Fished from day break to about 1:45 and caught 4 LMB and one BIG perch.  Slight winds today with calm waters/ Clear blue sunny skys/ Water temp 59 rising to 62 around noon.  Also had my first run in with a couple of good ol' boys from this site, txlunkerhunter and One_Mo_Cast.  Thanks for stopping by and chattin on the water today, its nice to get to meet some folks from the community.  I tried that worm but nothin goin, so back to the spoon.  Got one more in the boat, and had one spit it back out at me.  I mean that literally too, if I hadn't ducked it would have hit me right between the eyes.  You were right about that trolling motor too, ended up over by the dam then came all the way back to my truck no prob.  Post up and let me know how you guys finished out the day.  

First and best one of the day for me  That girls still looks fat with eggs

Look at the size of that perch, I say it flash commin up and thought I had a Crappie!
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That is a BIG perch. Looks like your getting Decker down nicely, nice report. Thanks.
Well me and One_Mo_cast ended up with 20 fish for the day. Biggest one was just over 4 lbs., maybe 2 unders and the rest just nice 2 - 3 lb fish. It was nice meeting you out today also Micah. First few fish of the day were caught on white spinnerbaits the rest on TR rattlesnakes. Great day to be on the water fishing, wind wasn't blowing 20+ mph finally. Only bad part of the day is when a boat idles up in front of us within 100 yards and start fishing the same strech of shoreline we were. Now I know I don't own the lake but that's just rude if you ask me, 1200 acres of water and they have to come jump in front of us.
More than once today i looked outside while i was at work and wished i was fishing. the weather just seemed perfect and for the last one or two weeks it seems anyday i had time there are 20+ mph winds. Good to know that at least some of us were enjoying the weather.
20 is a good number, I would have stayed but I needed to get back. Got family in town so I needed to head out. Look forward to gettin back on the water.
I Hate You! Did I mention I hate I was glad to get to see the pics at work, broke up the boredom of the day. Hopefully next time Ill get to go with you. See ya at work tomorrow punk! :)
Hey guys, I was out at Decker this morning, first in line at the gate, this morning. Jukebox was with me also, and my girl. Wasn't my best day on Decker, but did catch some nice fish. Nice to finally meet Thunder, He was out there early also. Which boats where yall in? I was out there in the good ole Jon boat. I didn't know there where that many members out there today. I saw some clouds of baby bass fry today. And I saw a Eagle too! That was cool. Water temp was as high as 70 degrees by the time I left around 3 or 4 or so.
We were in the blue and white sprint. And that was probably an Osprey that you saw not an Eagle, but they are still way cool to see and watch'em divebomb and catch fish. Were you in the white Jon Boat? I think you may have been coming in while we were putting the boat on the trailer, we were the two big ol' boys.
I was out on Decker today from 11:00 until 3 or so. I had one of my better days number wise, but did not catch many with any size to them. I caught 27 fish in 4 hours, but only 6 of those were over 14" and the biggest was about 17". Caught the biggest against the reeds, but caught 20 of the 27 in the discharge. Fished crankbait, fluke and worms all day. The weather was great and catching that many fish in a short period of time was a blast. (even if they were mostly small) I was in a black and red skeeter, and figured that many of you were fellow ABF folks, but only talked to a guy at the ramp as we were putting the boats on the trailers. I think he may have posted here tonight as well. Maybe TXLunkerHunter?
My "boat" is a two man pelican bass boat, 10' powered by only a trolling motor (green in color). Hope to see u all out there soon and get to know some of you a little better.
Oh, that's cool, I remember seeing all of you out there. I waved to you guys in the Blue Sprint, and saw yall chatting with GSXRampage. And I was the one  circling out front the boat ramp while the Is that a Bass was loading up on the trailer.

Definitely an Eagle, They have been seen out at Bastrop, and Lake Austin, and isn't a lot of distance for a bird that big to travel. No Mistaking that Eagle for an Osprey. I heard it before I saw it, and it drew my attention that direction. I wanted to take a pic so people would believe me, but I was more interested in fishing. Fabulous weather today.
Have to keep my eye out for it. I've seen them at Fayette and heard of them at Bastrop will be looking at Decker now.
We do have a pair of bald eagles on Bastrop. They have a nest on the LCRA land just north of the lake!!
It has been a while since I have posted. I have not been able to fish any of the cold weather this year.
But, it sure is nice to see more people fishing Decker. That is a nice little lake. Hope to see some of ya'll out there, as I am hoping to be able to get back on the water soon.
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