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I know how hard it is to get ammo of any sort these days.  I'm liquidating part of my private stock pile for a decent price.  Please call me with any specific questions.  You can pick it up as soon as tonight at 9pm in Pflugerville.
Daniel 512-484-6358

Yugoslavian 7.62X39, 40 in a box, on stripper clips.  This is one of the finest AK ammos ever produced and is non-corrosive and berdan primed with re-loadable brass.  $15/box.  I have 6 boxes available.

Norinco 7.62X39 Steel Core Armour Piercing.  No longer imported and extremely rare. This ammo is mission specific and the most truest shooting ammo I've put through an AK.  Can even defeat most trauma plates.  Packed in paper, in groups of 30 on stripper clips.  These are in case The World As We Know It, comes to an end.
$25/ 30rds, I have seven packages.

Monarch 9mm FMJ, Brass Cased $11/box and hard to come by.  I have 450rounds and would really like to sell them all at once.  

Sellier & Bellot 2 3/4 00 buck shot. 10 rounds per box.  10 boxes available $10/box.  Again, I would like to sell them as a group.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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