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First off, hope all had a great Labor Day weekend.
We left for Amistad on Friday to meet some friends from west Texas. Got there around 5 or so, and decided to just drink some cold beer and catch up.
Saturday weather was rainy, cloudy and down right awesome! We hit the lake for the morning and started on the a point in Evans Creek.
Tried top waters for the first 30 minutes or so, with out a blow up. I switched to a T rig senko in watermelon red, and immiediately started boating fish. Caught fish to 7 1/2 pounds and roughly 30 to 40 bass for me, by 11 am. Truely lost count. Was a great morning. Buddies I was fishing with, had a harder time changing to the senko. They were throwing slurpies and other small baits, with some success but not what I was catching. Anyways, fish seemed to be holding around 15' on points, and slightly off points. Ran the pattern all morning, hopping spot to spot. That afternoon, was spent tubing with the kids and family. We ended tieing 3 boats together and drinking beer and BS good times. As we finally got pushed towards shore. We started fishing again. Let me tell you 3 boats tied together and one running the trolling motor was kind of unique to say the least. Boated about 10 more this way running the same pattern, with a good audiance. LOL
Sunday we fished for about 3 hours before heading back. Weather was less cloudy and burned off fast. Started on the a saddle between to islands. Tried top waters and then bailed on it. Headed back to points, and caught about 10 before heading to shore. Biggest was 4 pounds. Was really a great weekend visiting with friends, and drinking some cold ones.
Eat Sleep Fish Skeeterdale :cool:
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