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Water clear, surface temp. 80 degrees. Lake level 2.22 ft. low . Skies partly cloudy A.M./Cloudy towards the evening. Air temp. 94 degrees. Wind 15-25 SE. Largemouth good to 7.9 lbs....... Total fish caught this afternoon was 29 ranging between 2 lbs. and the 7.9 . Everything was caught punching hydrilla with RiverSlung Armadillos and the new "CrawZilla" in hydrilla that was topped out below the surface 12 ft. down. with the bottom being 20-30 ft. Canopy was nice with around 8 ft. to the bottom after it broke through. Hits were on the fall so youy had to be on your toes. Fished the same area where last weekend we had two zoom frogstickers hookd straightened out. They were there once again. However, no giants this time to get my blood boiling. Anyway, we weren't the only one's on fish. Looks like the frog and Ribbit bite is back and from the look of the fish we saw caught it is well worth your while. Saw severaal 5's caught as well as good numbers up in 1-7 ft. in the pondweed.. Grass, whether hydrilla or pondweed is the deal folks. Til next time. Regards !
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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