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Water clear to stained. Surface temp. 86 degrees . Water level 1118.07 , up from 1118.02. Starting to slowly inch back up again. Shallow bite has turned on. Bite after dark when the moon gets high is outstanding on black topwaters and 12-20 inch worms. Went last night just to see if my hunch was right and pretty much had action SHALLOW all night long. Musky jitterbug (black) accounted for the most numbers, and yes, dinks will hit this big piece of wood too. Black buzzbait and the curly tail end of my Falcon Special 20 inch worm cut off at the egg sack and put on an 11/0 owner offset slowly pulled through the pondweed did pretty good as well, but a lot of these fish were just short striking these. The black ribbitt solved the problem as they shredded all 3 that I had with me. Nothing exciting size wise, a 5.2 was biggest, but a lot of fun. The number of whitetails I saw on the bank in the moonlight was outstanding as well. Bucks have pretty decent antlers this year. Thank ya lord for the rain. Send some again this way , would ya please. Anyway, if ya come out this way stop by and stay with us or just come by to chat. Always glad to help or meet everyone. Regards.
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