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Little late with report, had catch up on Honey Do's and get ready for FOM Belton after spending the week at Awesome Amistad.

We arrived the Monday after BASS and still managed to find some fish that weren't sore mouthed. Large group mostly from Liberty Hill and Bertram, rent a mobile home for the week at Ruthie's in Rough Canyon and use the Nat'l. Park ramp.

Due to wind only got out to the main lake one day, fished main points, cuts, sloughs, canyons in Devil's River/Rough Canyon out to the main lake.

Some of fished from daylight to dark and then some. Russell M caught a 7 lb 11 oz the first night about an hour after sundown on a shakey head with a black blue worm, 12 ft of water in heavy brush. The fish held up all week as big bass. She was spawned out, 24 1/2" long and could of easily weighed close to ten in good condition.

Had a one day 3 boat jackpot with 13 lb 8 oz; 11.5; and 10 lb even.

RM and I fished a hump (anchored) one evening from 7:30 p to 11:30 p. Our best five was a little over 18 lbs. with a 6 lb kicker. The hump was 6 ft on top, one side tapered to 30 feet and the back side droped straight off to 65 ft. Crank baits, C- line rigged lizzards, and shkey head with the infamous black blue worm.

Some days were extremely tough, Weds. only one bite from daylight to 10 a. then three fish on three cast. Ended up an OK day.

Fished shallow to 35'. Closest thing to a consistent pattern was the edge of submerged brush @ 22 to 25'. High skies required a weighted fluke or shakey head down into the trees. Diffucult to do with windy conditions and even tougher to get quality fish out. Used 30 # braid which got fewer bites but at least gave a shot of getting fish out of tree. Almost all points were good at some time, flukes, c-rig lizzards, and some crankbait action. Most consistent colors were watermelon seed and green pumpkin, not so much on Tequilla sunrise this year???

Oh yea, our jugline catfisherman had an excellent week as well with a couple over 25 lbs, several in the 10 to 18 range, and lots of 2 to 10 pounders. Live perch in creeks and coves.

I know this is long winded but there is a lot more to say about a week on Amistad. A group of 12 to 20 splitting the cost of lodging and food makes for an economical trip and a heck of a good time. Check your sanity, pride, and tender feelings at the door!!!

Good fishing,
JeffC ;D

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Nice Report and Glad You had a Great Trip to Amistad.

I get to go there in June for a week. I will be leading a group of 70 high schoolers but I will get some time to fish early in the mornings and mid afternoon.

I have not heard anything about a 70ft drawdown.
Based on some things I have read this lake can be drawn down 100 feet every 10-15 years. The bottom link below has a graph showing what can happen and how much shoreline is affected when the lake is down 100 feet.

Here is an interesting link to another board talking about Amistad levels

Some more information---very interesting from NPS about the Master Plan for Amistad
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