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Lake level 2.77 ft. low. Water clear, 62 degrees main lake with some creeks up to 67 degrees. Clear skies, wind 15-20 SE. Cold front approaching. Black bass excellent to 9.5 lbs........ 23 fish this morning with best 5 approaching 30 lbs. . Lots of males up on beds swatting watermelon/red with copper willow spinnerbaits and shallow cranks in bluegill colors. Females sitting just out from these areas on secondary points and creek channel timber leading to tank dams are clobbering RiverSlung Tantilizer swimbaits in the gulf killifish color as well as texas rigged RiverSlung BedBugs in wat/red, amistad craw and watermelon/brown camo colors. Pretty simple technique. Pitch it to a submerged bush. Deadstick for a couple minutes. If no takers, pitch to your next target. Would not hit the bedbug moving. Swimbaits were slow rolled in deeper channels with brush and hydrilla mix leading up to the bedding areas. When you feel the thump, just keep reeling slowly until your rod loads up. They smack it trying to injure it first, then they will take it after doing this so be patient and wait until it loads up on you otherwise you will miss a lot of fish. Average size on these baits has been 5 lbs. plus. Stop by and say hello during your trip. Good fishin !
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