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Amistad 3/28-3/30

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I feel I should make a fishing report, even though I am from out of state. but just need to rub it in a bit.

First off Amistad is an Awsum lake. had a blast and wish we had more time on it. Some guys are still there.

we left wednesday around 2pm got to the lake at 8am thursday AZ time ( we stopped alot ;) )

fished till 4pm and caught some fish just tourned the lake a tad.

That lake is so calm its unbelievable. running 70+ is cake for miles.

friday, we caught something like 30-40 fish all on water melon red fleck lizzards, the first ones were yamamoto 6" and I ran out we had 4 more packs of zooms, once they were done we didnt ge a bite even with brush hogs the same color. So my partner grabbed a chewed up lizzard he was hiding and fanagled it on and started catching fish lots of them.

we managed a 6.4, 5.7 and 4.7 something like that in about 2 hours for the big fish with a bunch of 3's and 2's thrown in
was windy( lake was still calm).
Friday night we heard that there was going to be 40-60mph winds and heavy rain.

we awoked to some rain so went back to bed and it turned to a drizzle with no wind.
drove to a different ramp so we didnt get too wet and fished, some on blades and all the rest on water melon red 6" lizzards, no big ones all about 2-2.5 lbs. but we caught over 30 in a few hours. a few times it was every cast and we had a fish.

We fished till around 1pm and headed back to AZ.

those fish in Texas are really colorful and fight like no other bass I have ever caught. Actually it was fun to catch fish again.

I will be headed back soon I am sure and maybe to austin area as well even sooner.

heres a 6.4 I caught

the 5.7 I caught

my fishing partners 4.7

heres My fishing partner his son and I with a few we saved for a pic, I think we caught these in 20-30 mins.

I havent seen the others guys pictures yet, they should have them posted when they get home.

So in closing I guess we could say AZBZ whooped ABF ;D ;D ;D
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Notice you came to Texas to catch some nice fish. We do this every day. So when your ready to catch some more ya all come back now. LOL
Nice report glad you guys had fun and caught lots of fish.
Jim ;)
Sounds like y'all has a great time on Amistad. I wish I could have made the trip. You'll have a lot better luck getting folks to head that way when it is not the middle of our local tournament season.
Yeah Delw,

Great looking fish sorry the ABF crew couldn't join.

Glad to hear yall had a good time. Contact us when you head to the Austin area.

Take Care
No thats my fishing Partners,
I would love to have that boat, I am stuck with a 210 21'10" 97 cajun that I am restoring
Thats cool just to be able to fish off one I got real close to buying one (a used one).
Glad to see you guys got some good ones.  Makes the trip worth while.  

But I hear that San Carlos is on fire right now.  Catching some big ones out there and you get the "mexico" effect with the indians!!   ::)

Is that PC??
Jason, that front Deck is definatly nice, My cajun Deck is 1" longer than the gambler ::) so I am spoiled.

the middle mounted TM sure is nice and the ride is better than a Ranger z boat with an added 20MPH.

"But I hear that San Carlos is on fire right now. Catching some big ones out there and you get the "mexico" effect with the indians!! "

Thats funny
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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