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Water temp 52 main lake, foot low and chilly early.
2/13: Launched at sun up and went up Evans, fished trees in 40Ft hooked up with four 4+lbs but nothing bigger all on a 8" Fringe worm in RMT on a 1/2 oz shaky head.

Moved around and started fishing mostly points, wind was 10-12 mph so it was difficult sometimes to get the shaky down. Note to self make heavier shakys for certain lakes. Wound up with 16 for the day total, 7 fish caught on 3/4 oz football and grass jigs deep. No schooling fish per say just one here and there, all were really fat.

2/14: Decided to throw a heavy jig all day and only took 3 rods with. Winds were predicted to get high in the afternoon so we knew we would only have 6-7 hours. Fished deep 40-50 ft, still no schools just singles. Note to self, I need to make a jig that won't snag period. Anything with a blue hue worked, caught only 8 for the day but they all were 4-5 lbs.

Then came the wild part, the wind started building about 2:00, within 30 mins it was gusting to 40mph and we barely got off the lake. It was so bad the rangers didn't even try to trailer their boat. One guy jack knifed his trailer backing down and was letting someone else back it straight for him. The man forgot to put it in park and left it in reverse, back went the trailer right into the boat slip, lucky for him or else his vehicle would've gone into the lake. White caps and 4 ft rollers when we got off, pretty wild stuff.
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