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Went down to Amistad with a buddy of mine for some action this past weekend. Haven't been in a while, last trip was August I think.

Hit the water @ 2:30 Friday afternoon, and it was a little windier than expected (20 mph). Started out fishing spinnerbaits up shallow and had two fish (both over 2 lbs) in the first 30 minutes. Fished main lake points for another hour and caught three more, including one 3.5 lb, that had 4 more fish wolfpack with him all the way to the boat. All the other bass were bigger than him unfortunately. Hiot a few other spots and caught two right at dark on a 7 inch TR senko, both were right at 4 lbs.

Hit it up Sat,. for an all day outing(7 am-6 pm), and it was TOUGH. probably caught 15-17 fish all day. Drove the boat 90-100 miles (no b.s) trying to get on some fish. We did catch four bass that were 4 lbs or bigger, but no lunkers to speak of. Ran all the way up past Zueberbueller bend, about 5 miles south of the Pecos to check out the Indian cave paintings and the old railroad bridges etc. If you haven't seen this part of the l;ake, you NEED to go. The RR was built way back by the Chinese workers, and to see the work they did without machines is unbelievable.

Hit the lake sunday for another nice south east 25 mph wind, and caught 7 fish in a couple hours. Nothing big, biggest around three pounds. Dropshot, SB and swimbait were getting the bites Sunday. Looking back, I should have thrown a chatterbat and a swimbait more than I did. The winds helped the shallow moving bait bite, but the water seemed a little too clear for the SB bite to really get good.

All fish caught on a 1/2 Nichols spinnerbaits in blue shad and neon gold, dropshot, and a 7 inch wat/gold senko and a 4 inch Keitech swimbait.

Oh yeah, last fish of the trip was a 14 inch smallmouth my buddy caught in 2 ft of water on a SB. Weird!! Haven't caught a smallie out there since I was in high school.
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