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ABF Tournament Shirt

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This is a very nice tournament shirt (size large) with 3 embroidered ABF logos. There are five buttons and a velcro enclosure under the chest logo. 

We had these made for a grudge match back in the day and only a FEW select members own one (there are a couple admins on here that don't even have one).

My name is embroidered on the right chest but that can easily be removed.

I wore it twice and think I paid $140.00 for it but can't remember.  Selling for $80.00 if anyone is interested.  

More info on the shirt here:

Good times back in the day for sure; just thought since I don't have the chance to wear it someone else might be able to enjoy it.

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Almost forgot...for another $10.00 I'll throw in the first run ABF t shirt. It's also a large and was worn one time.

Could be a collector's item! :D

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My name has been removed; you can tell something was there originally but stick a Mister Twister patch over the area and it will quickly solve the problem.

To help a bit with the sizing, I'm 5'11" and 155 lbs and this shirt fits a little big on me.

New price of $50.00 and I'll throw in the t shirt.
Wow, I really though this shirt would be gone by now. It must be the oompa loompa sizing but there should be at least a few vertically challenged people like myself on this board.

How about $35?
Nobody bleeds ABF?

If anyone can use this jersey send me a PM and I'll give it to you FREE. It's not doing anyone any good just sitting here in the closet.
I need a nice rag to wipe the boat down at the ramp :) j/k This is a really nice shirt. I figured it would go quick as well. Fold it up and put it in the 4th place tackle pack for the 1st TTZ Austin tourney of the year :)
Good Grief! I'll give ya $27.00 for it. At least you will get a Buy In covered by selling it.
I can pick it up in Cedar Park sometime....
Andy, I don't think vertical is the problem at least in my case the horizantal is. ;D ;D

I will cover ya for 40.00 on it.............I will pm you when i get in from Dallas this weekend
Dang Ando, you got any old socks for sale? :p
Damn, went from $80, to $50, then $35 with a free t shirt. Couldn't give it away so I told him I'd take it since we are both skinny boys. Then the auction started at $27, now $40.

Hold out a little longer Andy, you'll get your $80 for it. :)
Sold! $80.00 Dollars..... Gotta have it. Probably wont fit but I will find a use for it. I do want both shirts for that price..... Hope everyone has a safe weekend.
Lol gator all yours!!!! Andy you owe me one.... Got it back to 80 for ya!!!
Only Ando...can try to give something away and still get $80 for it!
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