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A few members have been asking for ABF Decals.  I finally got around to finding a logo company and rolled out our newly designed decals.  A lot of folks wanted something more subtle than the old large star decals, suitable for the back of a truck or car without letting everybody know you might have fishing gear inside.

If you want to order, simply send me an email to [email protected] with how many you want and your address.  I will send you back a paypal request for money where you can pay by check, credit or debit card.  At noon Friday of the week you order, I will submit the decals to be made, it usually takes a couple of business days and then I will drop them in the mail.  Figure that was easier than having to meet people one by one.

If you don't feel comfortable paying online, you can mail a check to me.

Cost is $10.50 per decal if you pay online or $10.00 if you mail a check.

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