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Thanks to all that came out, Miles and Wayne took first and Big Bass with nearly 15 lbs on a tough and windy evening!

Robby and Booker had another solid sack and took second with 11+ lbs, Dan and Kyle were the only other team in double digits and took home third...congrats to all the guys in the money!

Here are some G rated pics from this evening

Larry with a nice Travis fish

Team TOZ with their second place sack

Miles and Wayne with the winning stringer

There were a lot more pics taken and some of them are freakin HILLARIOUS and a bit risque. Let's just say one of the anglers chose to fish the T in a bikini...and it was not EA!

Oh well, you just had to be there. Back in the day those pics would be up in a heartbeat but the family oriented and kid friendly side of me knows I hate the new me.

Good times as always guys!

Be sure to check back tomorrow evening for an update, I always cab it downtown Thurs nights and should be in the correct state of mind to post the rest of the pics when I get back at 3 am :p
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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